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Civil litigation is simply a term which distinguishes lawyer Court work in the non-criminal stream of actions in law. It entails not just the representations/appearances made in Court but also the pre-trial procedures including interlocutory hearings, and the port-trial procedures such as costs and enforcement of a judgment.

Our firm has a team of fine litigators who are client focused and results oriented and they will be with you every step of the way. 

Family law is the area of law that addresses family relationships. It includes creating family relationships and breaking them through divorce and termination of parental rights. Family law addresses adoption, contested custody of children and the child support obligations that result. Because family law is the practice of law that relates to relationships, and children it can be one of the most emotional areas of law. Family lawyers are involved in very personal aspects of their client’s lives.

We assure you utmost confidentiality and professionalism as well as making the process as easy on you as it can possibly get.  

The general meaning of the word, succession, is the process of following another. As a legal terminology, succession means taking the rights of another as his or her successor. It usually denotes the transmission of rights and obligations of the deceased to his legal heirs.

The word, succession, is also used to refer to the rights, estate, and charges left by a person after his or her death, irrespective of whether the value of the property is more or less than the charges. It may also signify the right of the heir to take possession of the estate of the deceased.

We shall advise you on importance of a written will.  How to register matrimonial properties to avoid conflict after demise of a spouse and the difference between join ownership and owners in common.

Criminal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It proscribes conduct perceived as threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people inclusive of one's self. ... Criminal law includes the punishment and rehabilitation of people who violate such laws.

Our work however as your lawyers is to make sure that the right procedures are followed and that your rights are fully protected.

Conveyancing is the area of an Advocate’s business that deals with the alienation of an interest in land from one person to another.
Convey is the act of alienation of an interest by means of an appropriate instrument or document. Conveyance is an instrument transferring an interest in land from one person to another. Examples of conveyances are:
Mortgage or Charge

Decisions relating to real estate have huge financial outcomes/implications. Before deciding how to share ownership over what is likely the largest investment in your life, you may benefit from some professional advice. Consider meeting with a us before you make such important decisions

We have alot of experience in this front. We offer practical wisdom and sound advice.   We have a huge portfolio of banks and have been retained in these panels precisely because of our ability to perfom.  We also deal with individual clients and groups.

Personal injury law (also known as tort law) allows an injured person to go to civil court and get a legal remedy (damages) for all losses stemming from an accident or other incident. The purpose of the personal injury system is to allow the injured person to be compensated financially or "made whole" after he or she has suffered harm due to someone else's carelessness or intentional conduct. 

There are a wide variety of different situations where personal injury rules apply:

Accidents. Personal injury rules apply in situations where someone acts in a negligent manner, and that carelessness causes harm to another person. Examples include car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and medical malpractice, among other types of cases.

Intentional Acts. Personal injury laws apply in situations where a defendant’s intentional conduct causes harm to another person. Examples of this include assault and battery, and other intentional torts.

Defective Products. There are a few situations where a defendant can be found liable for injuries without any negligent or intentional wrongdoing. Examples of this include certain types of product liability claims arising from a defective product.

Defamation. Personal injury laws apply when one person’s defamatory statement causes harm to another person’s reputation.

Whether you need our services in prosecuting or defending you and/or your company, our experience is vast and practical in both areas.

Landlord/Tenant law covers all aspects of renting a property. Lawyers can help landlords create an enforceable lease without any illegal provisions. Landlords will probably find landlord tenant lawyers an invaluable source of information regarding the laws for security deposits, repairs and maintenance, and eviction.

Similarly, tenants may need to consult with a lawyer before getting into lease contracts and when they believe their rights have been violated by the landlord.

We are there to guide you in the best way to handle your landlord/tenant before, within and after the lease contact.

Almost all businesses use some sort of Employment Law. Employment law is the area of law that governs the employer-employee relationship. Therefore, if the business has more than one employee, then the business likely uses employment law. This area is made laws that  include many different subjects with the common goal to protect workers' rights. For employees, these laws work to:

• Prevent discrimination
• Promote health and safety
• Establish a minimum required level for economic support
• Prevent work disruption due to disputes between labor and management. 

Labour laws also seek to protect the rights of the employer. For instance, employers don't have to hire someone they don't feel is qualified, and it is within the employer's rights to expect that employees show up on time and perform the duties for which they were hired. These laws ultimately protect the employer's productivity and, therefore, profits, as well as the ability to remain competitive in the marketplace.

We therefore have the capacity and expertise help you avoid conflicts with your employer/employee.  Feel free to consult is on all issues of employment.

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