Family & Succession Law

Family & Succession Law

Family law is the area of law that addresses family relationships. It includes creating family relationships and breaking them through divorce and termination of parental rights. Family law addresses adoption, contested custody of children and the child support obligations that result. Because family law is the practice of law that relates to relationships, and children it can be one of the most emotional areas of law. Family lawyers are involved in very personal aspects of their client’s lives.

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The general meaning of the word, succession, is the process of following another. As a legal terminology, succession means taking the rights of another as his or her successor. It usually denotes the transmission of rights and obligations of the deceased to his legal heirs.

The word, succession, is also used to refer to the rights, estate, and charges left by a person after his or her death, irrespective of whether the value of the property is more or less than the charges. It may also signify the right of the heir to take possession of the estate of the deceased.

We shall advise you on importance of a written will. How to register matrimonial properties to avoid conflict after demise of a spouse and the difference between join ownership and owners in common.